The Project
As time goes on, more and more of the printed matter fades away, turning into digital forms. For many reasons that's a positive outcome, but I believe that a printed project, such as a book, has a special element that can not be replaced from a screen's light. Therefore I've decided to make my portfolio's booklet version, other than my online digital one. Even though you may be viewing the booklet through a screen, I hope you will still get to experience the unique feeling and get to enjoy the different samples from a part of my past work.
The Goal
View my portfolio from a different angle and create an interesting booklet including mostly the projects I'm the most proud of, which presentations can be found on the website as well, but also combine them with some of the extra work I've completed throughout my graphic design career. Make clear separations of each project category and help the reader to shape a rough idea of my design personality and train of thought.